Time & Attendance Software to manage Your workforce  Requirements.

Ezitime is a Care Verification Software by Ezitracker Pty Ltd. Monitor all your care visits in realtime

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Easy to use Mobile App for Care Delivery Verification.

Receive a clear picture of staff time and attendance by location with client surveys in real time allowing management decisions to be made if an employee is late to arrive or leave a site – enabling fast action to minimise service disruption. Data is captured automatically using mobile phones, landline, and biometric devices in real-time.


Onboard new workers and receive real-time updates, enable insights that drive better management decisions, fast. 


Easily capture insights

through data.

In addition to the powerful reporting suite within Ezitime, we realise that you may need comprehensive reports. Ezitime allows live dashboards to be built with data with insights allowing your management team the ability to see an overview of the business and make decisions, fast.




Lone Worker






Data Security.

Onboarding with Ezitime

is simple.

Ezitime’s workforce onboarding is a field based tool empowering recruiters to capture employee centric data for recruitment. Capturing and notifying departments of a new starter is imperative in a fast-paced market. 

Right to work, proof of identity and address, photographic evidence, notifications to departments, contracts of employment and much more. 


Easy to use survey tools to capture client feedback.

A service for Ezitime users; contractor site based surveys are made available when logging in via Ezitime allowing the capture of real-time at work performance, quality and compliance. 

Quickly build survey questionnaires with customised questions, scoring metrics, Yes & No answers,  free text responses, photographs and signature authorisations. Responses are compiled and reported, allowing further analysis and record keeping. 


Time & Attendance Software.