hayylo is an award winning customer experience platform for the aged, disability and health care sector

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Use hayylo

to connect your

service delivery.


hayylo helps improve client satisfaction.

Gain Insights

& Exceed

Customers Expectations.


Let hayylo

simplify the technical.


Connect Customers &

Service delivery.

Service delivery can be fragmented and complex, making it a challenge for customers and their families to navigate the system.


hayylo is the solution that enhances the customer’s care journey by simplifying the way information flows to and from the customer. The customer experience platform is the first of its kind, built specifically for the aged, disability and home health sector. With the self-branded software and app, you can connect customers and their families to an exceptional customer service experience so that customers

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Grow customer experience with efficiency gains.

Working with a growing list of providers over the past two years, hayylo has attracted more than 20,000 end users. With hayylo integration and automation, less time is spent logging requests, which means more time tending to customer needs. Customers also spend less time on hold, growing customer satisfaction through efficiency gains.


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Gain Insights to Exceed customer expectation.

A hayylo app customer journey begins with immediate engagement. The secure and self branded app provides customers immediate access to all their services. Being purpose built for community services ensures quick adoption and leaves customers feeling empowered and in control. Customers and families can now interact with your services, in an instant. Using hayylo’s intelligent self-branded software and apps ensures customer interactions are centralised, creating exceptional customer service. Continuous customer insights develop into rich customer profiles which further enhance their experience.

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Let hayylo Simplify the technical.

hayylo is a fully integrated software platform that uses API technology to pull together multiple data sources – like scheduling, finance and payroll systems – into a comprehensive, centralised environment. The information is then presented in an easy to digest format to internal teams, and to customers and their families via the self-branded app. The platform was built specifically to streamline the flow of information between care providers and their customers, and is fully customisable to existing business rules and workflows. Simplify and improve service coordination with hayylo for a seamless customer experience.